GO-Ride Cycling Schools & Learn to Ride

Learning to ride a bike offers a freedom and joy that no one should miss out on.

That’s why here at Colchester Sport Park (CSP) we are delighted to be part of British Cycling’s GO-Ride and that our Learn to Ride area is free to use to the public*!

Sign up to road cycling programmes with British Cycling’s GO-Ride and take advantage of the following services:

  • For adults – British Cycling’s Learn to Ride programme helps adults new to the sport of cycling to learn new skills.
  • For children – With a designated Learn to Ride area, children can learn to ride using one of our balance bikes. These bikes have no pedals to help teach the art of balance. Once a child is ready to transition from a balance to pedal bike, one of our qualified instructors will teach them how to pedal and break safely.
  • Coaching for school children – With staff and volunteers providing knowledge and practical experience, to help you learn British Cycling techniques essential for teaching school children.

*Please note during coaching sessions and cycle events using the Cycle Track, the Learn to Ride area will be closed to the general public.

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